Catanzaro Servizi, Action on the attack: “The ‘contract’ has not been signed”


By John

«The Catanzaro Servizi “contract” has not yet been signed». This was stated by the city councilors of the Action group – Valerio Donato, Gianni Parisi and Stefano Veraldi – who are wondering about the possibility of proceeding, in today’s City Council meeting, to entrust cemetery services to the investee company. The new contract was approved by the Chamber on November 30th, just as the previous one expired; an act with which the administration opted for a duration of five years renewable for a further five.
The opposition councilors explain that «with access to the documents dated 11 January 2024 we asked the mayor (in his capacity as holder of the delegation to the investee companies) for a copy of the contract (which is worth approximately 4.3 million euros) and the attached technical sheets to the same, duly signed and registered. Although the deadlines for processing requests for access to documents have passed – they highlight – nothing has been received and the administrator of Catanzaro Servizi himself, during the hearing in the sixth council commission, confirmed that the contract has not yet been formalised!».

For the Calendian councilors «this constitutes a very serious fact and denotes, net of other implications, the lack of consideration that, in reality, this municipal administration of Catanzaro Servizi has. We ask ourselves – they add – what more important things the mayor had to do than to dedicate some time to the governance of Catanzaro Servizi”.
For them the scenario is inadmissible: «We present ourselves to the Council with the contract well overdue (and non-extendable) for the assignment of cemetery services which, just for the record, in order to be able to consider it fully effective we will have to wait another 60 days from sending the same to the Anac”.