Railway bypass in Cassano, Papasso: a very strong no to the “Sibari link”


By John

The debate on the “Sibari Link” has been rekindled in recent hours, a railway bypass which, if built, would effectively exclude the Sibari station from important railway routes and would create inconvenience for the entire Upper Ionian Sea. “The request to express an opinion – commented the mayor Giovanni Papasso – it arrived in recent days, it has already been evaluated and we will give a negative opinion”. The mayor of Cassano explains that, if it were built, it would have both an important environmental impact on the area and, above all, because it would be negative for the Sibari station and for the entire transport system of the Upper Ionian.

“In addition to the negative technical opinion of the offices – continued Papasso – I would like to inform you that I will also involve the city council to discuss the point in the first useful session so that a negative political opinion also arrives. We would have expected – concluded Papasso – from those who organize the railway routes and modernizations proposals to add and expand the connections to and from the Sibari Plain and the Upper Ionian instead they are trying to remove them in an attempt to make the territories argue. We must avoid any type of friction. We will defend the Sibari station, the environment and the future of the territory and the mobility of the area and we ask those who play decisive roles to give us a hand in this regard”.