Catanzaro Servizi, countdown to the definition of the industrial plan


By John

Days of excitement for the investee companies of Palazzo De Nobili, grappling with programming activities. If AMC, the company that deals with urban mobility, has prepared the 2024-2026 budget (illustrated yesterday in these columns) currently being examined by the Budget Commission, Catanzaro Servizi is in the final rush to draft the industrial plan. The document should have been ready by the end of this month but the definition of some details required further time.
The presentation procedure for approval should start next week: also in this case the first step will be in the commission, then in the city council. The measures of the two subsidiaries could ultimately travel almost in tandem, to arrive at a single session for their approval. But this will be a possible choice, in due course, that will be taken by the conference of group leaders. According to what has transpired so far, the industrial plan of the company which for years has been at the center of attention from politicians and beyond – with inspections by the Mef – should record a change of pace compared to the past. The idea of ​​the municipal administration, shared with the sole administrator Gianluca Silipo, is to definitively erase the image of the “bandwagon” to become a company capable of standing on its own legs.