Catanzaro Servizi, the time for choices


By John

A month and a half. This is what remains for the definition of the new contract called to regulate the relationships between the Municipality and Catanzaro Servizi. In fact, on November 30th, the last extension of the “contract” which has so far governed the assignments by Palazzo De Nobili to its investee company expires and there is no room for further postponements. For some time now, municipal offices and the management of the subsidiary company have started an intense dialogue to arrive at defining the new agreement, with which the institution aims to consolidate the company by entrusting it with additional services compared to those already carried out up to now.
There are several aspects on the discussion table: those linked to the type of contract and those relating to services, in particular those of economic importance on which the Municipality will have to focus to consolidate Catanzaro Servizi and give further security to employees.