The shocking video: “Israeli child kidnapped and bullied by Palestinian children”


By John

A video has gone viral on social media which, according to users, shows an Israeli child kidnapped and taken to Gaza after the attack launched by Hamas against Israel.

In the video, the child is sandwiched between other Palestinian children who push him, tease him, and wave a stick near his face. «Say ‘Ima, ima, imà (‘mamma in Hebrew) the children around him and the voice behind the camera, which seems to be that of an adult, tell him.

“To keep the conflict alive, they want to spread hatred to the next generations”, is one of the most replicated comments among users who share the video on social media. Since the beginning of the unprecedented attack against Israel, videos, photos and testimonies of men, women and children kidnapped and abused by Hamas forces have multiplied online, among the most dramatic implications of this new wave of violence .