Catanzaro, Teresa Mannino’s show doubles: second appointment on 13 December at the Politeama


By John

After the first date was sold out in a short time, the new show was due to great demand Teresa Mannino, “The jaguar looks at me askance”, doubles at the Politeama Theater in Catanzaro. Sales have opened for the second appointment, scheduled for next December 13th, which will feature the Sicilian comic author and actress who, with a unique and original perspective, observes and tells what happens in the small world of private relationships and in the large one of the public scenario.
Teresa Mannino, along a path that winds through theatre, television, radio and cinema, he will once again bring his biting irony to the stage with acute intelligence and authentic passion, combining a refined acting technique and a rare ability to improvise. Her monologues are strictly autobiographical, but never narcissistic, her gags as a Sicilian transplanted to the north, her lucid and disenchanted gaze on the relationship that binds men to women (or women to men?), mothers to daughters, restore a of the highest definition photographs of contemporary Italy. “I return to the theater stages full of desires, stories and questions. The first desire is to meet again, exchange glances with every spectator and with every spectator sitting in the audience from the first to the last row, without exception, to discover who we have become after this epochal absence”, says the author in presenting her new Work. “From childhood stories to the difficult relationship we have with waiting, from the perplexity towards human animals to the respect for ants, the common thread will be desire, vital amazement that lights dreams, sets hearts on fire and frees movement”.
Satisfied, stunned, consumerist, incapable of looking beyond one’s nosethe society that Teresa Mannino draws with precise gestures and explosive micronarratives urgently needs to look at itself without indulgence and self-satisfaction in the mirror. “During our meeting you can dance with me, watch in silence, ask questions or give answers. You can also close your eyes, listen to my words as if they were a lullaby and fall asleep, the important thing is not to stop dreaming and keep your eyes wide open once out of the theater.”