Franco: “This Messina has an identity”


By John

Domenico Franco on the pitch was the main novelty of the Cup match for Messina in Catania. The playmaker, who had to serve a four-match suspension, will soon take the reins of the Giallorossi midfield in the championship too. The 1992 class is and will be a key point on the white-shield chessboardfor the undisputed technical qualities but also for the impact that an element with its characteristics can have in the dynamics of a game like the one proposed by Giacomo Modica, who in recent weeks has had to somehow adapt other profiles to the role, from Giunta to Frisenna, passing through Florence.
After his debut at the “Massimino”, match pace permitting, Franco will most likely be immovable. «I’m happy to be back, watching from the outside wasn’t easy, I would have liked to help my teammates first – he said after the match played and lost at Cibali -. The desire was great and perhaps I even exaggerated in some situations. I take note of it, I will watch the match again to analyze it better.” He added with the humility of someone who always wants to grow.
However, some positive indications came from the match that led to the elimination from the Cup from a Messina team that presented many elements on the pitch that up until now had been used less: «We started with six under among the starters, then other boys took over, we could have scored goals in the first half, we are an organized team that knows what to do and from here to the end we can get great satisfaction.” Franco is sure: «When you have an identity everything is much simpler on the pitch».
In the first half, however, zero goals pushed the Etna team more: «It certainly wasn’t what we wanted but their skill made us lower ourselves a little too much, we could have been taller and had more courage. This match will help us improve further.” On his role in the team, he then added: «I talked a lot with my teammates because it is something that is part of me. Maybe it’s the role that allows me to look a little at what’s happening around me, it comes naturally to me to call them and give directions.”
Now head to the next match, in the championship, against Sorrento. Mister Giacomo Modica has already warned everyone, don’t underestimate the commitment and don’t look at the rankings: «They are a carefree team that doesn’t deserve the ranking they have, with a proactive coach and several youngsters, it will be difficult like many others, every Sunday there are treacherous tests.” Pasqualino Ortisi is eager to keep a starting machine, as he continues to produce good performances, regardless of the role in which he is employed.
Cool-down session for the team yesterday morning, with the exception of Giunta but who is considered on the road to complete recovery. Today training at the “Marullo” in the afternoon, finishing tomorrow morning again at Camaro, lunch and then departure for Potenza (where Sorrento plays).