Catanzaro, the city council has decided: Giovino will be the “citadel” of sport


By John

The municipal council of the regional capital met again yesterday after the interruption on Tuesday caused by the absence of a quorum during the first meeting. The meeting, called for urgent reasons, served to define two practices. The first, the one that determined the urgency of the convocation, was the green light for the acquisition of land in the Giovino area from municipal assets on which an indoor municipal sports facility will be built financed through expiring CAP 2014/2020 funds. The procedure process was almost completed in 2021, when he was at the helm of the Municipality Sergio Abraham who at the time was also president of the Province, the body that owned the property. The second matter under discussion was a resolution (the councilor was the first signatory Daniela Palaia) with which the Council committed the mayor «so that the municipality of Catanzaro places itself as the leader of a series of actions aimed at demonstrating a position of clear dissent with respect to the project of marine wind farm in the waters of the Gulf of Squillace, involving the Municipalities affected by the project itself and with a view to building a common front that aims to protect, enhance and respect the sensitivities and peculiarities of all the territories involved”. The practice, which resumed the position already expressed by the Council with the Port Authority in 2022, was approved with 18 votes in favour.