Catanzaro, the old guard rules. Fulignati the workaholic with 1710′


By John

You can tell that it’s the Serie B championship from the names of the opponents, not from those who wear the Catanzaro shirt. Reading the Giallorossi’s lineup – any one – there would seem to be no difference between the cadet tournament and the lower category: the surprised team of the first round is more or less the same one that was in good and bad weather in Serie C.
Ten of the eleven elements most used by Vincenzo Vivarini have been tenants of the “Ceravolo” since at least last season and, according to the contracts, they will be at least for another: if we exclude Ghion from Sassuolo, the others are assets of the club and none are expiring. It is the Catanzaro version of the film “The Usual Suspects”.
It is, in practice, a question of continuity, which is good for a team that has worked together for a long time and which represents the true difference of this Catanzaro compared to its competitors: the game learned and performed by heart. But it is also the tangible sign that all the players who went to C for a relaunch or who had never been to B had better qualities than the category they belonged to indicated.
In short, they were in the third series by mistake or by chance, as demonstrated by the seventh place among the cadets obtained at the end of a first round that was surprising for the results and the ways in which they arrived. The workaholic par excellence is generally the starting goalkeeper, from this point of view Fulignati is no exception: 1710′ on the pitch, all those in the championship, central to saves and footwork, so important that Cremonese immediately received a firm “no” when he asked for information (through the prosecutor).
The one who is immediately ahead of him in the match travels behind the number one: Brighenti is the second busiest, 1700′, he missed ten only due to back pain at the end in Como. On the lowest step of the podium is – well – Vandeputte (1626 ‘), so far double in the sense that he is the prince of the goals (six) and assists (five) for Catanzaro.
The indispensable fourth is Scognamillo, who missed a match to serve a suspension (1620′), Ghion rested just a little more, 1521′ for the Sassuolo playmaker: everyone rotates in midfield, but he does it much less of the others, almost not at all.
Then there are Biasci and Iemmello, the goal twins (nine between two) with over a thousand minutes each despite the captain’s injury at the end of the year, then the eighth is Katseris, who filled the void left by the injury of Situm to play 940′, surprising everyone and attracting the eyes of Serie A: Monza is always in pole position to ensure the performance of the Greek winger.
If it weren’t for Davide Veroli, the only intruder in ninth place for minutes played (902), it would be a single-party government of the historic blocgiven that behind the player on loan from Cagliari (but be careful because Catanzaro has the right to buy) there are two veterans like Sounas and Verna.
The transfer market will bring reinforcements in almost every department, but it is not certain that the usual suspects of Vincenzo Vivarini will leave room for him.