Messina, 2024 starts badly. Cerignola beats “Franco Scoglio” in the final


By John

Messina-Audace Cerignola 1-2
Markers: 17′ st Malcore, 23′ st Zunno, 39′ st D’Andrea.
Messina (4-3-3): Fumagalli 6.5, Salvo 6.5, Pacciardi 5, Manetta 6, Ortisi 5, Frisenna 5.5 (39′ st Giunta sv), Firenze 5.5, Franco 5.5 (25′ st Scafetta 5.5), Rosafio 6 (25′ st Emmausso 6), Plescia 5 (1′ st Zunno 6), Ragusa 5.5 (1′ st Polito 6). On the bench: Di Bella, Cavallo, Luciani. All.: Modica 5.5
Audacious Cerignola (4-3-3): Krapikas 6, Coccia 5 (27′ st Tentardini 6.5), Gonnelli 5.5, Capomaggio 5.5, Russo 6, Tascone 6, Ruggiero 5.5 (36′ st Sosa sv), Leonetti 6.5 (27′ st Sainz sv), D’Ausilio 7 (44′ st Bezzon sv), Malcore 6.5, D’Andrea 7. On the bench: Fares, Trezza, Allegrini, Vitale, De Luca. All.: Tisci 6
Referee: Di Cicco from Lanciano 5. Assistants: Santarosa from Pordenone and Ramondino from Palermo
Note: Booked: D’Ausilio (C), Firenze (M), Emmausso (M), Scafetta (M). Sent off: 28′ pt Ortisi (M). Corners: 4-3. Recovery time: 3′ and 5′

Messina’s new year starts badly: bad match at the “Franco Scoglio” and the Audace Cerignola wins 2-1. Rosafio’s debut as a starter in Mr. Modica’s team was not enough: a boring first half due to the demerits of both teams, but possession of the ball for the Apulians. D’Ausilio tries at the start, while Messina remains with ten men in the 28th minute: wasted free kick, Cerignola starts on the counterattack with Leonetti, knocked down by Ortisi who, as the last man, “earns” the red card. At 47′ the first conclusion from the locals: Florence’s corner and header by Manetta, blocked by Krapikas.
In the second half Messina seems to start better, but Cerignola hits: in the 17th minute Malcore, following a pass from D’Ausilio, finds himself in front of Fumagalli and makes no mistake. The 0-1 lasted until the 23rd minute, when Polito, from the left, put in a deflected low cross, Zunno pounced and, from close range, re-established parity. Messina believes in it, Cerignola controls but when it accelerates it is dangerous and in the 39th minute he scored the winning goal: on the development of a corner, ball to Tascone on the right, first cross and diving header by D’Andrea. And the 1-2 that no longer changes even after 5 minutes of injury time: Messina to be seen again and a knockout that stops the useful series of four results and the race for salvation.