He disguises himself as a woman, kidnaps a little girl as she leaves school and rapes her for hours


By John

In February, Andrew Millerwhich is also identified as Amy George, offered a ride home to an elementary school girl. Contrary to her stated intentions, she took her baby to her home, where he locked her up and abused her for a full 27 hours. The BBC reports it.

The victim, who did not know Miller, said she was approached by a person who apparently she looked like a “woman in a car”. Being cold and not perceiving an immediate threat, he accepted the ride.

The judge, during the trial at the High Court in Edinburgh, denounced the unique and “deeply depraved” gravity of the crime, highlighting the devastating impact it had on the victim, his family and the community.

After Miller fell asleep on the second night of the kidnapping, the little girl managed to escape and call the local emergency number.

Miller, in the process of transitioning from male to female at the time of his arrest, was later sentenced to 20 years in prison, not only for kidnapping and sexual assault, but also for possession of child pornography. He will be held in a men’s prison, following recent guidelines for transgender prisoners who have committed sexual offences.