Catanzaro, tight for the new sporting director. Polito remains in pole position over Vaira and Romairone


By John

The evaluations on the next sporting director of Catanzaro continue and today they could reach the decisive point, that of the choice. President Floriano Noto and his brothers, Derio and Gino, began the week as they had ended the previous one: weighing the pros and cons of a decision that will have cascading effects on the management of the transfer market, of the team and, at least in part, will not be able to not influence the other big issue still unresolved, the new coach. Magalini’s successor, who has not yet been made official by Bari, will have to give an opinion on… Vivarini’s successor, for the moment in all respects the Giallorossi’s coach. It is clear, then, why the property is proceeding with leaden feet: there is the awareness that time is starting to run out, but the need to not be able to make mistakes is also clearly present.
If Noto had a blackboard in his office there would always be three known names: Ciro Polito, Davide Vaira and Giancarlo Romairone. And if he had also wanted to draw up a ranking on approval, all three would have occupied, at different times, first place: since they were different profiles, each had their own reasons for being the favourite. Between Saturday and Sunday the overtaking – perhaps decisive – was made by Polito, but the forty-five year old Neapolitan must terminate his contract with Bari (theoretically valid until 30 June next year) before signing with another club. The matter doesn’t seem to have to drag on, perhaps it will be resolved in these hours, otherwise Catanzaro could easily turn towards the other two managers still in the mix. The excellent impression that Vaira left in Noto in last week’s meeting should not be forgotten, nor has the direct path towards Romairone completely disappeared, also taken into consideration because it is part of “a Giuntoli area” which enjoys the utmost respect from who makes the decisions in via Gioacchino da Fiore.
In short, reversals cannot be ruled out, but Polito seems to have now become the most accredited candidate.
On the bench If the choice of the manager will not be long in coming, the discussion regarding the coach is different and more complex, even if there are rumors from Frosinone that the Ciociari are increasingly interested in Vincenzo Vivarini. The Abruzzo coach said “no thanks” to Catanzaro, but the current contract doesn’t leave much room for him or whoever wants to hire him: sooner or later they will have to start talking to Noto, who after the breakup has set a line (he wants a large compensation) to free the fifty-eight year old.
Finding a synthesis is convenient for everyone: the Eagles and Vivarini cannot continue together (after that fracture it is unthinkable to mend), much less separated at home. And then the Giallorossi would have already identified a man for the bench and it is Alberto Aquilani, in any case between the two profiles followed by Salernitana (the other is Sottil). His name will also be examined by the new sporting director, but the direction seems clear: the Giallorossi hope to entrust him with the team without thinking about the alternatives anymore (Massimo Brambilla).