Catanzaro wants an encore with Sudtirol


By John

Another step towards the declared objective of salvation, or perhaps towards the playoffs, which cannot be just a dream if you are there from the beginning: these are projections and tables that all fans make, not Catanzaro, much less Vivarini. The club and the coach, rather, are interested in the present, and that is the match against Sudtirol. After all, the record year in Serie C was born like this: one match at a time, without managing too much, without thinking about the opponents who would come later or calculating when to spend the warnings. In short, always to the maximum of your possibilities. This is also how a wonderful freshman-revelation season is being built, in which no match is decisive and all are equally important: «Springboard for the playoffs? Last year we never talked about winning the championship and I believe there are no match points. This was our strength a year ago and it must be so now too, because now the second half of the season is still long. I’m interested in improving and introducing young people who have important qualities”, explained the Giallorossi coach.
“Ceravolo” factor. It is the second consecutive outing at home, where Catanzaro has collected three useful results in a row, two draws and a victory, as has never happened in this tournament. The 3-2 against Ascoli guaranteed further solidity and new tranquility, as well as reviving the enthusiasm that can transform Catanzaro into a loose cannon: «It was a good match against Ascoli – underlined the coach –, they always attacked man against man, with a lot of enthusiasm and it wasn’t easy to win, but we put in a good performance even though we still made a lot of mistakes. The goal is to grow and improve, from now until the end we will face many teams with water at their throats, so we have to refine the mechanisms. The many warnings against those who fight for salvation? When the race is male, we must be male too.”
It is likely that this will also be the case this afternoon, because the South Tyroleans are one of the most armored teams in the championship. And this is why the pushing public can become important this time too: «Iemmello’s goal against Ascoli was also scored by the people, who are our sensational strength. There can be whistles and groans and I accept them, last Saturday there weren’t even too many, but it must be understood that our technical project includes certain things (such as construction from the bottom, ed.), therefore the team must not be conditioned. The “Ceravolo” – he added – brought us to the top in moments of difficulty, there can be some even now and this is why I say we are a single body and we are all together on the same piece».
Handover. It’s not Sudtirol beaten 1-0 in the first leg, nor the surprise of B from a year ago, a title that Catanzaro acquired with full rights in this tournament: «In January he strengthened up front, he changed the phase of ball possession but he defends well as always, it will be difficult to score, so it will be necessary to give rhythm to the match”, warned the 58 year old from Abruzzo, oriented towards launching Petriccione: “We chose him because he has similar characteristics to Ghion, so far I have sipped, but he already had our principles.” Vivarini embraces Vandeputte again (obviously the starter), puts Brighenti back in the center of defense and rewards Scognamillo in the run-off with Veroli on the left.
Up front, Ambrosino can take advantage of Biasci’s ailments in the middle of the week to support Iemmello. The captain is there, he’s fine and he’s pumped up after scoring two goals in two games in a row. The trio would be a seasonal novelty… but there is always a first time.