Reggio, work stopped at the former Orchidea cinema. Candia: «Usual commercial from Mayor Falcomatà»


By John

«For the works at the former Orchidea cinema we can say that we have already reached Game Over. Which is the end of most of this administration’s announcements and projects.” Thus the municipal councilor of the League Mario Cardia attacks the municipal administration on the works of the former Orchidea cinema. «A month ago – we read in the note – the mayor broadcast yet another mockery of the city, announcing the start of redevelopment works on the former Orchidea cinema. In fact, by showing the beginning of the clearance operations of video games and video poker, the mayor spoke about how this historic property in the city center will become a cultural and artistic hub. It’s a shame that, as always happens, announcements and walks are not followed by facts. After the staging of a month ago, the works are, in fact, inexorably at a standstill and not the shadow of a worker has been seen for weeks: in short, more than the cultural gateway to the Mediterranean, the former Orchidea cinema now seems to have become the theater of yet another commercial from a mayor and an administration totally detached from the real needs of the area.”