Cateno De Luca attacks. “150 thousand votes in Messina and the province or there will be consequences” VIDEO


By John

Cateno De Luca's electoral campaign will continue “not on a plane, because the doctors prevented me, but in a camper. With less than the 300 rallies scheduled throughout Italy. But the real electoral campaign begins now.”

The leader of the South calls North, who has just been discharged from the Messina Polyclinic where he had been hospitalized since April 29th, relaunches in view of the European elections and confirms the rebuke to the exponents of his movement in the institutions of the city, province and region. The objective is to confirm in the city and in the province the 150 thousand votes obtained in the 2022 regional elections. “We live by consensus. Whoever manages these buildings must guarantee consensus, because otherwise the next time thieves and businessmen may come knocking. This administration must have the ability not to get one vote less than the regional elections.”