Center for the repatriation of irregular immigrants in Catanzaro, Capellupo: “The Lega council group pretends to oppose it”


By John

The Catanzaro city councilor, Vincenzo Capellupo, intervenes in a note on the repatriation center for irregular immigrants that should be built in Alli, criticizing the League's position. “In Catanzaro it comes close to, indeed it surpasses, the ridiculous. The government wants to impose the Repatriation Center for irregular immigrants in Alli and the Lega council group – said Capellupo – pretends to oppose it. A party game that is all too exposed and which can only arouse hilarity. The clear position taken by Mayor Fiorita has motivations light years away from Salvini's xenophobic and racist one. We reiterate: we do not want a concentration camp in Alli, which is contrary to any humanitarian sense and which does not solve the dramatic problem of uncontrolled immigration. We are the first to take positive note of the fact that the Province will deny the land where the CPR should be built, but asking for a minimum of coherence from the local Salvinians is not too much. Unless they are preparing yet another change of shirt, a practice in which they are masters.”