Cessaniti, woman threatened with a chainsaw: attempted murder foiled by the police


By John

The Carabinieri of the Filandari and Cessaniti stations avoided what could have been a real tragedy. Providential was the call to the 112 operations center from a woman who, in a panic, reported the attempt by her partner to kill her with a chainsaw inside a home in Cessaniti.
The emergency call, which arrived late in the evening, immediately triggered the intervention of the Carabinieri patrols. Arriving on site in a few moments, the soldiers did not hesitate to climb over a 3 meter high fence after seeing the woman in serious danger on the balcony of the house. Her partner, in an act of extreme violence, he held her down by pointing a chainsaw at her chest and trying to start her. The intervention of the Carabinieri was decisive: with a lightning-fast raid, the soldiers first broke down the door of the apartment and then that of the room which gave access to the balcony, managing to stop the attacker before he could complete the act of he.
An action lasting less than sixty seconds, performed in full compliance with the action procedures, at the end of which the Carabinieri themselves managed to immobilize the man and secure the woman. Although equipped with bulletproof vests, armed with pepper spray and tools for maintaining public order, the Carabinieri managed to stop the attacker without resorting to any means of physical coercion and guaranteeing the physical integrity of all the actors of the scene. No one actually suffered any injuries of any kind.
This intervention once again demonstrates the professionalism and courage of the Carabinieri who are always ready to put their lives at risk to protect citizens and guarantee their safety.

The investigations into the incident, coordinated by the Prosecutor Camillo Falvo and by the deputy co-owner of the procedure, led to the full acceptance of the investigative findings and the subsequent validation of the request presented to the investigating judge of the Court of Vibo Valentia.
The judge then ordered house arrest with an electronic bracelet for the suspect allegedly responsible for attempted aggravated murder and violence and threats to a public official.