Drugs, family crosses the Strait with… 5 kg of cocaine. Couple of young couriers arrested in Messina


By John

He wanted to cross the Strait with his wife, three minor children and… 5 kg of cocaine, but he was discovered by the Financiers of the Provincial Command of Messina who, during ordinary checks on vehicles transiting the Strait, seized the hidden drugs inside a car arriving in Sicily, arresting the two couriers.

In particular, the Fiamme Gialle of the Messina Group subjected a car driven by a young Sicilian, of Ragusan origin, with his family on board, made up of his wife and three minor children. At the sight of the dog units, a precious and indispensable aid in the fight against drug-related crimes, the driver promptly showed the Financiers a homemade cigarette containing hashish.

The military, suspicious of the circumstance, therefore decided to deepen the control, inspecting the car more carefully: the nose of the drug-sniffing dog Urban, already the protagonist of recent operations of this kind, did the rest, allowing the discovery of 5 kg of cocaine.

Based on the investigative findings, the two spouses were arrested, already validated by the competent Judge, and associated with the local prison of Gazzi, available to the Judicial Authority of Messina. The precautionary measure was adopted in the preliminary investigation phase and, therefore, the suspects are to be presumed innocent until the final conviction, which ascertains their responsibility at the outcome of the trial which will take place in cross-examination with the defense before the third judge and impartial, a judgment that can also be concluded with proof of the absence of any form of responsibility.

The frequency with which narcotic seizures are carried out, as well as confirming the importance of the Peloritano territory as a strategic hub for illicit trafficking towards the island, testifies to the importance attributed to the phenomenon by the Fiamme Gialle of Messina and by the local District Attorney's Office, even more so because , as now judicially ascertained, primary source of support for important criminal organisations, including those of a mafia nature. nor against other suspects who emerged in various capacities in the investigation.