Challenge between Russian and Italian fighters in the Baltic: tension on the border in Poland


By John

THE Italian top guns intervened in flight to escort the Russian planes out of space Born and dampen yet another moment of tension at the border in Poland. Last Thursday (but the episode was only made known today) two people reacted without consequences against what could have been a provocation. F-35 of theItalian Air Force departed from the military airbase of Malborkin which the mission takes place along the eastern borders of Bornthe same ones that separate the Poland fromUkraine and from Belarus.

It was the first immediate take-off order, or a “scramble”, for the fighters of the task force air 32nd Wing engaged on the Eastern European border: two fighter planes were intercepted and identified Russian Su-30 Flankerthen escorted out.

The scramble was ordered by the air operations center of Uedem in Germanythe supervisory body of Born which has the task of checking and monitoring all radar tracks for suspicious aircraft approaching or attempting to enter the airspace Born without the necessary authorizations. The full operational capacity of the Task Force Air – 32nd Wing had just been reached last September 18th and only the day before the inaugural ceremony had taken place, in which the Italian soldiers and the same Chief of Staff of theAeronautics, Luca Goretti. On that occasion the Italian ambassador Luca Franchetti Pardo he had remarked “the effectiveness of the air policing operations”.

The sentries of the skies generally fly on fighters for over thirty hours a week and the pilots on alert remain dressed with all their equipment (with which they also sleep) remaining ready for take-off day and night and to be able to leave in a few minutes in cases of take-off orders on alarm, often looking for the approach of ‘zombies’, the unidentified aircraft. Just like what happened last Thursday.

The commitment of Italian soldiers on the eastern flank it continues, it is not only in Poland but on the entire so-called “Eastern flank”. And in Romaniaright in the country where our mission ended a few months ago Aeronautics at the air base in Mihail Kogalniceanuan increase in men could arrive: it was requested by the minister of Romanian defensewho he met in these hours Guido Crosettowho reported a “focus on cooperation for training and defense” he had with his colleague.