He died cutting a tree in Crotone: the employer sentenced after 10 years


By John

More than ten years after the accident, the owner of the forestry company he worked for was sentenced Gheorge Dimitru Carculeathe twenty-seven-year-old worker of Romanian origin who died on June 12, 2013 while he was cutting eucalyptus trees. Orestes Vonaaged 48, from Petilia Policastro (Crotone) was sentenced by the Court of Crotone, in a monocratic composition (judge Elvizia Cordasco), to one year and six months in prison (suspended sentence) for manslaughter. Carculea was hit and crushed by the tree he had just cut and which, after being stuck between the branches of an adjacent trunk, fell on him. For Vona, who was defended by the lawyer Mario Nigro, the public prosecutor had asked for a 7-year sentence.