Chamber of Commerce, approval of the integrated activity and organization plan 2024-2026


By John

The council of the Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro, Crotone and Vibo Valentia has approved the integrated activity and organization plan 2024-2026. This is one of the main planning acts through which the institution identifies directions and objectives to be pursued in the short and medium term, first of all for the 2024 year but with a broader planning aimed at the entire three-year period which includes the personnel needs, the anti-corruption and transparency plan, the performance plan.

The strategic document was adopted in recent days during the council meeting called to examine various measures. The works were opened by the president of the chamber of commerce, Pietro Falboassisted by the general secretary, Ciro Di Leva. During the meeting, the update of the performance measurement and evaluation system for the year 2024 was approved and the appointments of the board of auditors of the chamber of commerce body and of the special company, both bodies already active, were completed .

Furthermore, it was decided to renew the agreement already in place with the university library system of the “Magna Grecia” University of Catanzaro which regulates the relationships between the two bodies and which offers students the possibility of accessing the rooms of the chamber library and consult electronic bibliographic material in the legal-economic, sociological and biomedical areas directly within the Chamber of Commerce.

The commission was then set up to examine the applications for participation in the long-awaited prize for loyalty to work and economic progress, organized again this year by the Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the value of companies that contribute to the growth of the production system. The green light is then given to joining two agreements with Unioncamere on mediation and conciliation and on transport and energy. The 2024 activity program prepared by the committee for female entrepreneurship was then presented and will be implemented in close synergy with the Chamber of Commerce.

Finally, the council approved the economic contribution for the next three years to the Politeama Foundation as a supporting member. «With the launch of the integrated activity and organization plan we are concretely laying the foundations for an effective and functional unification process between the three divisions of the Chamber of Commerce» is the comment of the president, Pietro Falbo.

«This document is strategic as it dictates the priorities that the organization will have to pursue in the immediate future. In fact, we intend to trace a new route to support companies with greater incisiveness in the challenges of internationalisation, environmental and digital transition but always remaining in the wake of a tradition that sees us linked to now historic events such as, for example, the Award for Loyalty to work and economic progress, an event that aims to highlight businesses, true resources and vanguards of the growth of our territories.”