Cinema, today in Cosenza the national preview of the film “The Return Party” shot in Calabria


By John

The national preview of the film “The Return Party”, based on the novel of the same name by Carmine Abate, will take place in Cosenza today, at 4 pm, at the San Nicola cinema. In addition to the actors and the Calabria Film Commission, the writer himself will be there to see the film with the public. From the following day the film will arrive in Italian cinemas, distributed by Videa. Work before Lorenzo Adorisiowho is also a great director of photography, the film was shot in Calabria in the towns of Carfizzi, Cirò, Melissa, Crucoli and Verzino, it is an Italian-French co-production, and was made by Alba Produzioni Srl for Italy, Gorilla Group and Leon Film for France, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Calabria Film Commission Foundation, Lazio International and with the patronage of the Municipalities of Carfizzi and Cirò.
«The Return Party» (Selection of the Campiello Prize, Napoli Prize and Corrado Alvaro Prize, currently available in the Oscar Bestsellers) is a coming-of-age story that embodies the relationship between father and son, suspended between absences and returns and the The enchantment that comes from the gaze of a child. A precious testimony about our emigration. The artistic cast of the film is mainly made up of Calabrian actors: Alessio Praticò, Carlo Gallo, Anna Maria De Luca, Annalisa Insardà, Federica Sottile and for the first time on the screen the child Daniele Procopio.
A son and a father. A boy who, despite himself, decides to grow up quickly, and take his place, to defend his sister. A childhood lived free and impetuous. A man forced to emigrate to provide some well-being to his family. A love lived far from one’s own country, with a secret to hide. The community of Albanians in Italy, with their language and their traditions. A southern town, immersed in wild nature, between the mountains and the sea, where you can grow up in the wonder of a land with a strong character, full of flavors, yearning and anger. Finally, suddenly, a shot to put the chaos back in order.”