Citizenship income suspended, Conte in Calabria: “Social disaster announced”


By John

“In these hours I am receiving reports of great desperation from the recipients of this text message which would suspend the citizen’s income and I am also receiving reports from trade associations, starting with social workers, who are very worried because they are faced with this great pressure and there is a real risk that there could be some disorder.

It is an announced social disaster». The leader of the M5S Stelle said it, Joseph Conte, speaking with journalists in Stalettì (Catanzaro), on the sidelines of an initiative on legal issues. «I invite the government to meet immediately to postpone the deadlines. It seems clear to me – added Conte – that they are proving to be amateurs, as we said. The first thing to do is to postpone these deadlines because there are no training and refresher courses and there is no possibility of downloading all the recipients of these text messages to the category of social workers who are driving so many people into despair. Let’s avoid this announced social disaster.”