Meloni in Washington: “From Biden attention to the issues of Africa and immigration”. The China? “Conversation with, not against”


By John

“The facts show that ours is a reliable government”. The prime minister said so Giorgia Meloni interviewed by Sky tg24 in Washington.

One of the topics addressed with US President Joe Biden was that of Africa, Meloni explained among other things: “Italy is the main neighbor on this continent – underlined the premier – and we have a greater capacity to dialogue with them”. “I was anticipated by false propaganda, which had recounted the hypothesis of a government as a disaster in terms of international relations, economic stability and institutions. But in reality what has emerged is a serious, reliable, credible government, which poses the issue of national interest with determination, without forgetting the national interests of others”, said the premier.

Talking with and not against China

Talking to Biden and to China “are two things that can go together, it’s important to make them stay together”, he then underlined. “The market cannot be free if it is not also fair, otherwise we risk devastating our industrial systems which have high standards that others do not have. Therefore, not decoupling but derisking in the definition of supply chains. It is a debate that must be done together to China not against China”.

“Good Relations Regardless of the ‘Silk Road'”

“I think it is in the national interest to have relations with China, which do not necessarily depend on the agreements we have made in the past.” Giorgia Meloni, prime minister, said so on Tg5. “The paradox is that we are the only nation on the ‘sectarian road’ among the G7 countries and among the European countries, but we are not the nation that has the best data on trade with China.” This demonstrates, you underlined, «that good relations and trade relations can be had with China even independently of the ‘sectarian road’. The point is where is the balance that interests us and which allows us to have good relations with the rest of the world but to defend our interests and our companies». “As long as Italy is led by me, our autonomy can never be questioned,” she assured.

Migrations: the role of Italy

“I – continued Meloni – noticed an awareness of an issue that I explain or try to explain in great detail in every multilateral context – I did it at the NATO summit, at the G7, at the European Council – but I also seem to recognize the awareness that Italy can play a spokesperson, leadership, guide role in this, I hope precisely because of the ability it also has to understand the point of view of African countries, also the risks.The conference on migration is another initiative in which the United States has also been very interested, they have complimented us. They believe that it could be very useful to bring together all the countries of the enlarged Mediterranean – therefore not only African countries, the European Union but also the Arab countries – in thinking together on how the flows stop. Because then, unfortunately, through the networks of traffickers” there are also “trafficking in drugs, organs, human beings. And the power that these criminal organizations are assuming also turns against the States, against their stability, particularly in Africa. So everything becomes, in a war that is increasingly hybrid, a problem that we have to focus on. This concerns the Atlantic Alliance for example, it concerns our partners, it concerns us, it concerns the European countries”.