Closure of the Cosenza crime prevention department, the police unions: “A gift to crime… let politics intervene!”


By John

“The Chief of Police Vittorio Pisani, during the last visit to the Co-senza Police Headquarters, in a meeting with the trade unions of the province, feared a reorganization of the Crime Prevention Departments”. According to the union acronyms Siulp, Sap, Siap, Coisp, Fsp Polizia, Silp-Cgil removing the Cosenza Crime Prevention Department from its current location would represent “a big advantage for organized crimewhich in recent times has been raising the bar, furthermore, would greatly lower the perception of security by citizens who need a significant presence of the state on the territory”.

“In fact, the Northern Calabria Crime Prevention Department of Cosenza was established in Rende on 8.0.2008 with the specific task of controlling the territory with the aim of preventing and combating widespread crime, as stated some time ago by the head of the Central Anti-Crime Directorate who spoke during the inauguration. The Vice Minister of the Interior at the time – as the trade unions recalled – declared that “a regional security model could not ignore having a point of reference in the North of Calabria and therefore in the province of Cosenza”. The office located in a strategic position a few steps from the Cosenza Nord motorway headquarters and one of the largest University Campuses in Europe, is owned by Anas without any rental fee. It has around 42 highly specialized operators who represent a real rapid intervention “Task Force” of the State Police. The patrols operate mostly in the province of Cosenza which covers an area of ​​6650 km2, equal to 44.1% of the Calabrian surface and includes approximately 155 municipalities. Furthermore, the Uoa (Self-assembled operational units) work intermittently in the province of Crotone and for particular needs also outside the region. The Cosenza area occupies the top places in mafia crimes (in recent weeks there have been an increase in incidents that cause concern and strong social alarm), acts of violence, intimidation of businesses, administrators, professionals, thefts in companies and private homes. Extremely serious criminal acts that severely damage the territory.”

Furthermore, the patrols of the Crime Prevention Department of Cosenza, “well equipped, and coordinated by the competent offices on site, cocontinue, without stopping, to carry out controls prepared within the national and transnational action plan “Focus ndrangheta”, plan which provides for the use of RPC patrols in the most depressed areas of the region, otherwise unreachable from peripheral structures. Dozens of people arrested, many vehicles and people checked, huge seizures of drugs and weapons, are some of the statistical results produced from January 2023 to today by the Cosenza RPC”. This is why the Police unions are appealing to Politics: “intervene immediately so that the closure of a very important police station to protect the citizens of this tormented province will be averted!”