Nicotera, Lega and Movi@Vento rise up: «The mayor's illegal building? What are you waiting for to resign!»


By John

«We believe that, faced with the evidence, the mayor should take responsibility for his actions, resign and present a public apology to the citizens of Nicotera. His figure must reflect the principles of legality and transparency that our city deserves.” To affirm it the League's advisory group after the latest events involving the mayor Giuseppe Marasco. The facts date back to last week when an order was published in the municipal noticeboard by the Technical Area for the “demolition of works carried out illegally with essential variations in the authorization titles” located in the “Passo” district of the Badia hamlet.
The owner's data is deleted from the document, but a check carried out at the land registry revealed the owner, Mayor Marasco. The ordinance is the result of an inspection carried out by the “Calabria” Carabinieri Legion of Nicotera which, in December, inspected the property.
His colleague joins the League Antonio D'Agostino (Movi@Vento) which underlines how the recent affair «adds to the already dark previous scenario which did not need this other shadow, infamous in itself, involving as is the figure of the “controller” who becomes the person who receives attention first and the recipient then, of a demolition order for building abuse. We have to ask ourselves what else more serious would have to happen for the “first” citizen to remove the curtains from Palazzo Convento, which has already been placed under the magnifying glass of the prefectural access commission”.