Coach Vela, champion of Italy, an authentic miracle that fills one with pride


By John

It had to be a miracle. And a miracle it was! A growing, overwhelming, almost unrealistic emotional wave: a bit like those shots – especially loved by the “Federarians” – that make you roll your eyes, emit a moan that makes your wife who bursts into the living room look at you badly, and launch air the popcorn you’re eating on the sofa, as wonderfully outlined by the immense Foster Wallace. A crescendo of joy which, with the shield on his chest now, brings out a feeling beyond any other: pride. Because Messina tennis was brought to the roof of Italy by two extraordinary boys from Messina, Fausto and Giorgio Tabacco (alphabetical and personal order, let’s be clear), who grew up on the “Tennis and Sailing” fields, fueled by the composed love of their father Luigi and mother Carmelina (yesterday in Turin, very elegant, her paternal grandmother was also there); supported from a very young age by the Boards of Directors who followed one another at the helm of the Club, by the affection of the members, called to work together – even economically – to climb the categories up to Serie A1, to play with the “golden youth” of a youth team in home.
Giorgio and Fausto – behind them other precious profiles are emerging -, having taken the baton from Melzer and Ocleppo for a double that brought us back into the race, gave two sumptuous performances although different in their evolution. The first double (sixth match) against Vanni and Gigante is forbidden to the faint of heart. The strength of will, perhaps even the blissful recklessness of youth that makes you emerge from competitive hell. A masterpiece that put the coronary arteries at risk, with Giorgio as an authentic driving force. The play-off match, with Messina at this point not at all an underdog, against Vanni and Serafini was a triumphal ride. Until the apotheosis given by a trembling volley from Fausto attached to the net: a sign of destiny that is confirmed.
The championship won by the Tennis and Sailing Club is the closing of a circle held together by the dots of sacrifice, of the competence of the technical and managerial staff, of the ambition that finds openings to overcome even the highest obstacles and achieve success. That this was achieved with two young people from Messina – but the two performances by Melzer and the one in doubles provided by Ocleppo were extraordinary – it’s fantastic. Finally, he likes that the banner waved on the pitch was simply yellow and red, with “Messina” written on it. The ace of elegance.