Cohesion funds in the South, De Luca ready to involve Occhiuto in the protest. But the president of Calabria replies: “We will be the first to sign agreements”


By John

On the lack of disbursement of FSC funds to Campania «on the part of the most evanescent, useless and inconclusive minister in the history of the Italian Republic we will carry out four initiatives in the next few weeks: the first in Naples in the middle of February with the world of culture, then again in the middle of the month we will prepare an event in Rome with the ‘Association of Municipalities in which hundreds of mayors and administrators from many Southern Regions will participate.’

The governor of Campania said it Vincenzo De Luca on Facebook. «I spoke yesterday with the fellow governor of Calabria – added De Luca referring to Roberto Occhiuto, president of the centre-right in the Region – he told me that he knew he could sign the agreement on the funds by the end of February but he has no certainties and therefore if not he has a certain date by mid-February, he too will participate, regardless of party flags». De Luca then explained that in the following weeks there will be «a demonstration with the world of business and trade unions and then we will have a demonstration on the de-bureaucratization of Italy. A colleague from the north says that those who don’t share autonomy have a medieval position, but instead I show you that we follow the path towards zero bureaucracy.”

Occhiuto reiterates: “Calabria will be the first in the South to sign a cohesion agreement”

I am sure that Calabria will be the first southern region to sign the cohesion agreement with the national government. As far as I’m concerned, therefore, I have no reason to worry about this particular topic”. This is what the president of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiuto, said, interviewed by telephone by ANSA after the words of the governor of Campania Vincenzo De Luca which his possible participation in a demonstration against the government