Netanyahu: “The essential objective is to eliminate Hamas. We do not accept an agreement at any price”


By John

“I want to be clear about our policy: the essential objective is first and foremost the elimination of Hamas,” reiterated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking at the beginning of the government’s weekly meeting in Tel Aviv. The Times of Israel reports it.

Netanyahu then set three conditions for this to happen: the destruction of the remaining Hamas battalions, of which 17 out of 24 were defeated; mopping-up operations, which the army is reportedly implementing with raids in the north and center of the Strip and the neutralization of the Hamas tunnel network, “which requires more time”.

The head of government stressed that Israel will not end the war until all its objectives are achieved: “The elimination of Hamas, the return of all hostages and the guarantee that Gaza will never again represent a threat to Israel.”

Regarding a potential hostage deal, Netanyahu was keen to stress: “We will not accept any deal at any price.” According to him, the reports that appeared in the press according to which it was agreed to release a large number of terrorists are not true.