Collision between three cars in Villapiana, eight injured: a woman taken seriously by air ambulance to Cosenza hospital


By John

Eight people were injured, one seriously, in an accident that occurred along state road 106, in the Villapiana area. Three cars were involved, an Audi Q3, a Skoda and an Opel which, for reasons still under investigation, collided with each other near the junction for Villapiana Lido. The most seriously injured person was a woman who was transferred by air ambulance to the Annunziata hospital in Cosenza.

The other injured were rescued by the 118 medics and transferred to the hospitals of Trebisacce, Corigliano and Rossano. The Carabinieri of the Cassano company and the agents of the Trebisacce highway intervened on site and carried out investigations to establish the causes of the accident.