Washington Post: Kiev could receive weapons in less than a week. Zelensky's appeal: Patriot missiles immediately


By John

The Pentagon is ready to send military aid to Ukraine after the Senate votes on the package on Tuesday which will then be signed by Biden, so it will take less than a week before some weapons reach the battlefield. The Washington Post claims this, citing American officials. The Defense Department, which had warned that Ukraine would gradually succumb to Russian forces and face massive losses without urgent action on Capitol Hill, began putting together an aid package well before the votes in an effort to speed up the process.

«Patriots can only be called air defense systems if they work and save lives instead of sitting still somewhere in storage bases. The Patriots must be in Ukrainian hands right now. Modern fighter aircraft are needed in Ukrainian skies. Russian missiles and Iranian Shahed drones must be defeated for life to triumph in the future.” This is the appeal launched by the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky on