COP28, Al Jaber: “Historic agreement, fossil fuels in the text for the first time”


By John

The Global stocktakeapproved at the United Nations Conference on climate changescontains the indications to follow to “keep alive” the objective of increasing global warming by 1.5 degrees by the end of the century compared to pre-industrial levels as suggested by science to avoid catastrophic weather events.

These are the points: – transition away from fossil fuels and accelerate this action this decade to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in 2050; – triple renewable energy capacity globally and double the global average annual rate of energy efficiency improvement by 2030; – accelerate efforts towards the gradual reduction of energy produced from unabated coal, i.e. without capture and storage technology; – accelerate global efforts towards net-zero emissions energy systems, using zero- and low-carbon fuels well before or around mid-century; – accelerate in zero- and low-emission technologies, including but not limited to renewable energy, nuclear, abatement and removal technologies such as carbon capture, and use and storage, particularly in hard-to-abate sectors, and in hydrogen production low carbon emissions; – accelerate and substantially reduce carbon dioxide emissions globally, including in particular methane emissions by 2030; – accelerate the reduction of emissions from road transport on a range of routes, including through infrastructure development and the rapid deployment of zero- and low-emission vehicles; – phase out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies that do not address energy poverty or simply transitions, as quickly as possible.