Falcomatà, silence is golden. Tomorrow in Reggio face to face with the Democratic Party


By John

Silence is golden. A rule that always applies but applies even more especially when the present and future of Reggio is at stake. For this reason, the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà yesterday he preferred to reflect without adding any words that could have further exacerbated the (already frayed) relationship with the Democratic Party. And while this war rages on for the seats of Palazzo San Giorgio, the city stands by and watches. Disenchanted. Waiting for the new mayor’s council which seemed like a pure formality and which, instead, has turned into a fight to the death between the mayor who would like to renew the “team” and the Democratic Party which feels no reason to change its representatives in the City executive.
The “bridge workers” are already at work to try to mend the rift between the mayor and his party which was evidently evident in the last session of the City Council.