“Coppa degli Assi”, Palermo, the capital of horse riding for two days. Councilor Amata: “Let’s promote the territory”


By John

The Aces Cup stand at the Al Shira’aa International Horse Show in Al Ain was appreciated
The 60th edition of the “Internazionali di Sicilia” and the 39th “Coppa degli Assi” of riding scheduled for next September in two consecutive weeks (19-22 and 26-29) at the “La Favorita” obstacle course in Palermo, were presented the day before yesterday (Saturday 13th) as part of the “Al Shira’aa International Horse show” competition in Al Ain, in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The program of the two events and the history of the Aces Cup were illustrated by the Regional Councilor for Tourism Hon. Elvira Amata. There was a large presence of the local and international press in the sector as well as riders and riders who are taking part in the Emirates competition which is part of an exclusive international circuit with stops in various European countries. “We are proud to have resumed the organization of the Aces Cup – said the Hon. Amata, which brought the greeting of the President of the Sicilian Region Sen. Renato Schifani – and now we intend to strengthen it, because we know we can offer adequate hospitality to horses, riders and all their entourage. Sicily, in addition to being a land rich in history, tradition, culture and unparalleled natural beauty, offers a climate that allows it to be visited all year round and also for these characteristics we wish to propose our island to you as an ideal place to train horses and riders even during the cold northern winters”
“We are here to have a first direct contact with you who are among the best protagonists of international equestrianism – underlined Councilor Amata – we hope you will accept our invitation and we look forward to seeing many of you in Palermo next September. The two competitions, a week apart from each other, were designed to give you the opportunity to discover or visit other corners of Sicily besides the capital”
In illustrating the history of the Cup of Aces, created 56 years ago, the value of the participants was highlighted, so much so that it was considered a mini-Olympics, and the technical level of the course on grass, also in an area of rare natural beauty, with tracks designed by Uliano Vezzani. In the roll of honor of the Aces Cup, among the 29 different winners there are names of riders who have made the history of international equestrianism. Among these the English David Broome who inaugurated the Competition (1976) continuing with the Italian Raimondo D’Inzeo (1978), the Brazilian Nelson Pessoa (1979 and 1988), the Swiss Willi Melliger (1983), the French Michel Robert (1998), and the Belgian Stanny van Paesschen who holds four victories (’84-85-87-91), to reach the present day with the Italians Natale Chiudani (2005-2006) and Emanuele Gaudiano (2010 and 2011 ), regular participants both chasing their third victory. In 2023 the Grand Prix was won by the young corporal of the Italian Army Lorenzo Correddu. The two competitions are promoted by the Sicilian Region with the technical organizational support, for the fifth year, of Fiera Verona. *** The Aces Cup with Fiera Verona which is the technical organizer was present at the “Al Shira’aa International Horse show”, which began on Wednesday 10th and ended yesterday on Sunday 14th, with its own stand at inside which Sicilian handicraft products are displayed and gastronomic tastings are offered.