Municipality of Catanzaro, two councilors return to Forza Italia: the “blue” group is born with Sergio Costanzo and Luigi Levato


By John

The regional coordinator of Forza Italia Calabria, Francesco Cannizzaro, today made official the entry into the blue party of two city councilors from Catanzaro, Sergio Costanzo and Luigi Levato. The announcement took place during a press conference in the Provincial Council Room. With the joining of Costanzo and Levato, the Forza Italia group will also be born in the Catanzaro city council: the two will be added to the councilors Marco Polimeni and Alessandra Lobello, elected with the «Catanzaro Azzurra» list. For Cannizzaro, «the joining of Sergio Costanzo and Luigi Levato to Forza Italia is a joining of quality, of experience, of political wisdom: they will make a notable contribution to the citizen assembly and will strengthen the opposition».