Corigliano Rossano, attacked and beaten for a robbery: 30-year-old arrested


By John

Extremely busy night in the «Boscarello» district of the Municipality of Corigliano Rossano, where a non-EU citizen was attacked and beaten, violently, by some people who acted with the aim of stealing his wallet and mobile phone. For this matter, the Carabinieri of the Radiomobile Section of the Territorial Department of Corigliano Rossano, with the support of those of the SIO – Operational Intervention Teams – of the XIV Calabria Battalion of Vibo Valentia, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Castrovillari, directed by the Chief Prosecutor Alessandro D’Alessiothey have a 30-year-old foreigner was arrested, believed to be seriously suspected of being one of the perpetrators of the robbery.

The intervention of the Carabinieri patrols was determined by a specific request received via the public emergency number “112”, which also signaled the need to send medical units to the scene, given that the attacked subject had reported injuries widespread lesions all over the body. The physical consequences of the victim were assessed at the emergency room of the Rossano hospital where, given the general conditions, the injured party was hospitalized and subjected to further checks.

The descriptions provided by the people informed about the facts were sufficient to put the Carabinieri on the trail of those responsible for the attack, so much so that in the immediately following phases one of the potential perpetrators of the crime was traced. The resulting search operations made it possible to reveal irrefutable elements of evidence regarding the criminal responsibilities of the non-EU citizen stopped.

On the basis of the sources of evidence collected, the foreigner was arrested and transferred to the Castrovillari prison, where he will remain at the disposal of the magistrates of the prosecutor’s office of that same centre. Investigations, however, are still underway to try to identify the other subjects who, during the night, managed to escape the restrictive measures. The affair, as a whole, demonstrates the attention of the Army and the Public Prosecutor’s Office in managing particularly delicate situations, which can have direct repercussions on Order and Security.