‘Ndrangheta, the Catanzaro court rejects the confiscation of the assets of Antonio Ribecco’s heirs


By John

The Court of Catanzaroprevention measures section, rejected the confiscation proposal put forward by the Catanzaro Anti-Mafia District Directorate against the heirs of Antonio Ribecco, already investigated for mafia-style criminal association in the «Malapianta – Infectio» operation and who died in 2020 in the Voghera prison due to Covid-19 infection.

The object of the emergency seizure were numerous properties located in San Leonardo di Cutro (Crotone) and Perugia, as well as passbooks, bank accounts and a hotel restaurant, which are now back in the possession of their legitimate owners. According to the investigations conducted by the judicial police, the assets should have been considered in reality the proceeds of illicit activity and in the indirect availability of Ribecco, who later died, as well as disproportionate compared to the income declared by the individual holders. According to the defense team, however, made up of lawyers Luigi Falcone, Francesco Iacopino and Tiziano Saporito, the asset acquisitions were lawful. The Court fully accepted the deductions of the defense of Ribecco’s heirs and interested third parties, completely rejecting the proposal for patrimonial prevention advanced against Antonio Ribecco’s heirs, with restitution in favor of the legitimate owners of the assets and financial and banking relationships and postal seizures.