Corigliano Rossano, civic center or wide field? The anti-Stasi unknown remains


By John

The third pole or the second pole with a broad political field of which the regional councilor acted as interpreter and promoter in recent weeks Giuseppe Grazianoin the capacity of party commissioner of Action Of Corigliano Rosano, it seems they may return to the surface after the slowdown phase that occurred. The speedy march in building alliances and in reasoning about the program that has taken place and still takes place within the civic-party coalition that supports the mayoral re-election of Flavio Stasiwill have induced the political exponents, opponents of the mayor, to accelerate the discussions within them.
It seems, in fact, that the regional councilor of Action, in the role of weaver, is evaluating the two possibilities (third pole or second pole) and that is whether to continue with the alliance that sees the Action party together with some movements in the next administrative electoral competition civic members who do not recognize themselves in the centre-right and that part of the Democratic Party which did not intend to join the civic alliance with Stasi as mayor, including the former mayor of Corigliano, Giovanni Battista Genova and in all probability also the democrat Luigi Promenzio, opponent of Stasi with its political aggregation of Civic and Popular. Or proceed with the broad alliance, as would seem to be favored, together with the centre-right, constituting a single second alternative pole to that of Stasi, the perennial adversary.