Putin: “We are ready for dialogue with Kiev”. China to Ukraine: “We do not sell lethal weapons to Moscow”


By John

«We are ready for dialogue with Ukraine. If not for the West’s position, the fighting in Ukraine would have stopped a year and a half ago» said the Russian president Vladimir Putin in an interview, quoted by Interfax.

“The Russian Federation even after the start” of the special operation “tried to put an end to the conflict, but Ukraine didn’t want it,” he added. When asked «Why did Russia not launch the special military operation earlier», the Kremlin leader said: «We hoped for the decency of our partners», referring to the implementation of the Minsk agreements. “Moscow did not know that the Europeans would not implement them,” Putin said in the interview with Pavel Zarubinreports Ria Novosti.

China, meanwhile, reiterated to Ukraine that “do not sell sell lethal weapons” to Russia. This is what the Foreign Minister said Wang Yi in a meeting yesterday on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference with the counterpart Dmytro Kuleba.

“China does not take any advantage of the situation and does not sell lethal weapons to parties to a conflict,” Wang said, according to a Beijing diplomatic report. The meeting is the largest in-person meeting between Chinese and Ukrainian officials to date since Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine.