Corigliano Rossano in shock, councilor Raffaele Vulcano dies at the age of 45


By John

He left his family, friends and the entire local political representation dismayed and saddened sudden death of city councilor Raffaele Vulcano, who died yesterday morning at the age of 45. An exemplary representative of the institutions since 2016, in whose honor tomorrow morning, at 8 am, the funeral chapel will be set up in the council room in Piazza Santi Anargiri, from which at 4 pm the funeral procession will move towards the Cathedral where the funeral will be held. The entire city learned the news with sadness, having been able to learn about the correctness and availability of the person, the entrepreneur and the politician who had espoused centre-right ideas without ever making his political affiliation weigh on his relationship with the people.
Numerous messages of condolence came from the world of politics. Among these is the heartfelt message sent by the municipal administration: «In this moment of pain and reflection – it is underlined by recognizing the contribution of Raffaele Vulcano to the political sphere and to the political debate which has always stood out for passion, correctness, but also politeness and kindness – we wish to express our deepest condolences to the family, to whom we are close, and to all the loved ones on behalf of the mayor, the council, the presidency of the council, the entire civic assize and the entire administration of the municipality of Corigliano-Rossano”. Similar messages were sent by the secretary and by the entire Democratic Party, by the coordination of Forza Italia, by the former mayor Giuseppe Antoniotti.