Corpse in the countryside, it's yellow in Mottafollone


By John

There is a mystery about the discovery of the body of a man in the countryside of Mottafollone, a small village in the Esaro. The death dates back to a few weeks ago, perhaps due to natural causes. Yesterday afternoon, a farmer from the “Caccia” district, while going to his own land aboard his tractor, noticed the body in the vegetation. This would be a man just over 70 years old. The farmer got off the agricultural vehicle to better ascertain the facts and, although scared, immediately alerted the carabinieri who arrived from San Sosti and San Marco Argentano. According to what was ascertained, the body was not in an obvious state of decomposition but in any case it would have been there for a few weeks. Following this, the first information was immediately sent to the Castrovillari Prosecutor's Office drawn up by the commander of the Company, Captain Marco Arezzini, and the arrival of a medical examiner was ordered, who would have ascertained the natural death. A small car was also found not far away which, according to the documents found, belonged to the deceased. The mystery of the discovery of the body deepens because, apparently, no one would have reported his disappearance and this is what the Carabinieri's investigations are continuing on. Everything points to a possible voluntary removal resulting from the drama of loneliness, given that despite being a resident of San Marco Argentano no one would have reported his disappearance.