Elections in Vibo, some electoral sections vary: here are which ones


By John

Some polling stations are temporarily unavailable as it is the subject of renovation and functional adaptation works in progress which will not be completed in time for the preparation of the polling stations for the elections European and administrative elections on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June 2024. This is what he communicates in a note the Municipality of Vibo Valentia.

For these reasons, the electoral sections n. 4, 5, 10, 11, 17, 18 and 36 were transferred to nearby available buildings, which were already polling stations.


– sections n.4 and n.5 are transferred from the Professional Institute located in Via Tarallo to the nursery school located in Viale Accademie Vibonesi;

– sections n.10 and n.11 are transferred from the “PE Murmura” middle school in Rione S. Aloe to the “M. Morelli” located in Via XXV Aprile;

– sections n.17 and n.18 are transferred from the Scuola Media “G. Garibaldi” Piazza Martiri d'Hungarian at the Istituto Magistrale located in Via Santa Ruba;

– section no. 36 is transferred from the Elementary School of Via Roma to CORAP in the Industrial Area of ​​Porto Salvo.

Section no. 37, previously located at the P. Buccarelli Middle School, has been transferred to the “Don Bosco” Nursery School located in Via J. Palach, together with the new electoral section no. 12.

All other electoral sections remain located in their original locations.

The summary table of the electoral section offices, where voters can go to exercise their right to vote, is published on the institution's institutional website. Please note that, following these temporary logistical changes to the electoral section locations, the section number on the electoral card does not change.

Only for voters residing in via Moderata Durant, assigned to section no. 12, the section number on the card changes and therefore the latter will be able to go to the Electoral Office to update the card.

Finally, following previous notices, we would like to remind you that voters residing in Contrada Aeroporto and Contrada Vaccaro di Vena Superiore, previously assigned to section no. 27, following a necessary remodulation of the section itself, they will vote in section no. 26, always based at the Elementary School located in Via Roma a Vena Superiore.

The latter will also be able to present themselves at the Electoral Office to update their card.