Cosenza, 21 year old wounded in the face: the bullet accidentally fired from the weapon held for fun by a friend


By John

The wrong “game”. A 21-year-old Romanian girl was admitted to the Annunziata hospital the other night because she was injured by a gunshot to the face. The 7.65 bullet grazed her nostril, passing through part of her cheek and one ear. By mere chance he did not reach her brain areas saving her from certain death.
The twenty-one year old was at the house of a friend and compatriot who lives in the historic center. The house now occupied by the man was owned by a professional who died in recent months and who kept the legally reported weapons inside. Among these weapons is the gun from which the shot that hit the victim was fired.
No mystery and no “mystery”: the compatriot improvidently handled the weapon in which there were still bullets inserted and a tragedy was almost reached. The explosion of the shot left the girl’s friend stunned. The man – a thirty-four year old – immediately provided aid and then asked for help to have the injured person transferred to hospital.
Once the alarm was raised, it was immediately thought of as an intentional gesture: the investigators of the flying squad, directed by Gabriele Presti, immediately arrived at the hospital to gather information and understand what had really happened. The police officers of the police commissioner Giuseppe Cannizzaro, having interviewed witnesses, immediately identified and searched the house where the wounding took place. Scientific Police “specialists” intervened on site to carry out a series of targeted investigations. The target? Reconstruct the dynamics of the facts. Blood stains, traces of ternary particles (antimony, lead and barium) to verify the shooting point, further biological elements in order to verify any scuffles, have been isolated. The used gun was recovered and seized and the thirty-four year old protagonist of the incident was heard for a long time. Chief prosecutor Mario Spagnolo took over the investigation entrusted to prosecutor Donatella Donato.
The 21-year-old was declared out of danger by hospital doctors and magistrates questioned her. Her version of the facts allowed us to definitively exclude the hypothesis of an attempted murder, confirming the accidental nature of the event. The thirty-four year old Romanian is formally under investigation for serious injuries. The story does not seem to hide any other background.