Citizenship income suspended with the use of the 7th month’s salary: here’s what those who are still entitled to receive it must do GUIDE


By John

Citizenship income suspended with the use of the 7th month’s salary: here’s what those who are still entitled to receive it must do. GUIDE

Following the legislative decree n. 48/2023, INPS has started to suspend the Basic income for those who have already benefited from the measure for seven months in 2023. The official reason for the suspension is linked to the “use of the seven months in 2023”. However, there are categories of citizens who can continue to receive the benefit: these include disabled people, minors, those over 60 and those supported by social services. To avoid interruptions in delivery or to restore the benefit, it is essential to know the specific procedures and possible solutions.

Message number 3510 of 06-10-2023

As provided for in article 13, paragraph 5, of the legislative decree of 4 May 2023, n. 48, converted, with amendments, by law 3 July 2023, n. 85, which replaced article 1, paragraph 313, of law 29 December 2022, n. 197 (Budget Law 2023), the Institute, from July 2023, is proceeding, on a monthly basis, to suspend the provision of the Citizenship Income measure for households that do not meet the requirements to continue to benefit from the measure in the year 2023 beyond seven months. The reason for the suspension is indicated in the procedure with the following reason “application suspended due to completion of the seven months’ payments in 2023”.

To continue using the measure without incurring suspension pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 314, of the 2023 Budget Law, and Article 13, paragraph 5, of Legislative Decree no. 48/2023, family units must have one of the following members within them:

– people with disabilities, as defined pursuant to the regulation referred to in the decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 5 December 2013, n. 159;

– minors;

– people at least sixty years of age;

– recipients who are taken care of by social services as they cannot be activated for work, as communicated to INPS via the GePI platform by 31 October 2023.

In the event that the age requirement useful for the continuation of the use of the measure matures before the seventh month’s salary or in the following month (for example, due to the 60th birthday of a member of the family), the same is automatically detected by the systems and the disbursement of the service continues without interruption.

In the case of the birth of a child or in the presence of a new ascertained disability, if the new single substitutive declaration (DSU) is presented within the seventh month of enjoyment of the citizen’s income or in the following month, the new condition of the household is detected in the phase automatic reprocessing of applications (during monthly renewal) and, also in this case, the provision of the benefit continues automatically, without interruption.

However, in the event that the requirement accrues after the first month of suspension (for example, performance suspended in July 2023 and requirement accrued in September 2023) or the DSU is presented after the suspension has occurred, it is necessary to submit a new Income application of citizenship. The new application will not be blocked by the suspended application for the reason indicated above (“application suspended due to completion of the seven months’ payments in 2023”) and the provision of the measure will start from the month following the month in which the application is submitted.

For cases where users report disabilities incorrectly not indicated in the DSU, the territorially competent structures will carry out a check in the archives of the Institute regarding the actual presence of the disability report with the requirements set out in the aforementioned Prime Ministerial Decree. of Ministers n. 159/2013 and, in case of a positive outcome, the indication may be given to present the rectification DSU backdated to the date of actual detection of the disability.

Furthermore, it is highlighted that if for the benefits of the citizen’s income being paid, for which continuation beyond seven months is envisaged, the loss of the requirement for its continuation is verified in the meantime (for example, due to a change in the family , due to death or the age of majority of a member), the family unit will cease to benefit from the benefit within the seventh month or, if exceeded, from the month of use in which the event occurred.

The hypothesis of resumption of the provision of the citizen’s income benefit remains confirmed until the month of November 2023 in the event that INPS is notified, via the GePI platform, by the deadline of 31 October 2023, of the burden on the family by social services. In this case, it is not necessary to submit a new application to reinstate the measure (except in the case of completion of the 18 months of duration of the provision of the benefit).