Milazzo, mayor Midili formalizes his re-nomination for the 2025 administrative elections


By John

It was supposed to be an assessment of the first three years of his mandate, but instead it was also an opportunity to formalize his re-nomination for the most important seat in Palazzo dell’Aquila.
Mayor Pippo Midili yesterday evening at the “Trifiletti”, in the presence of the councilors and all the majority councillors, as well as a large and attentive audience, broke the delay to announce that he will be active in the 2025 administrative elections with everyone’s support those who have embraced his project are accompanying him in its implementation and all those who are ready to contribute to making Milazzo grow even more.
«Being in the field in two years is a duty towards this city that we have raised from the rubble – said Midili – from the ashes of a collapse to which it had been brought by political-administrative managements that never thought of the citizens’ interests ; managements that have made Milazzo lose its identity, as well as important services. Since 2020, by working hard, we have tried to restart everything: from services to support for the weakest categories, carrying out a project to recover abandoned assets or those to be valorised with a view to developing and relaunching the city’s economy. To try to prevent young people in particular from leaving Milazzo as unfortunately has happened in recent years.”