Cosenza, anti-drug controls. An arrest and a complaint


By John

Yesterday, state police personnel carried out, as part of the extraordinary services ordered by the Provincial Quaestor of Cosenza and coordinated by the local Public Prosecutor’s Office, several checks in the city, aimed at combating drug trafficking. One person, with a police record, was arrested as found in possession of narcotic substance of the type hashish, for a total of 54 grams. In particular, the man was checked by a patrol near his home, as, driving a vehicle, he accelerated sharply at the sight of the policemen. The drug was cleverly hidden inside the bedroom and a part was found on the man’s private parts. During the search, other material instrumental to drug dealing was also found. Within the same services, a person was also reported for violation of the law on drugs because, at the home inspection, he was found in possession of marijuana, weighing a total of 130 grams, as well as other material useful for packaging and weighing. In the circumstance, it was ascertained that the man, confined to his home in a home detention regime for specific crimes, actually continued his drug dealing activity regardless of the requirements imposed in application of the measure. Having completed the formalities, the man arrested was taken to his home and, at the order of the proceeding magistrate, subjected to house arrest while the person charged was also reported for conduct in violation of the provisions.

Everything is communicated in compliance with the suspect’s right (to be considered presumed innocent in consideration of the current phase of the proceeding up to a definitive finding of guilt with an irrevocable sentence) in order to guarantee the right to report.