Cosenza, attempts at reconciliation within the Democratic Party


By John

Extinguishing the fuse of controversy in the Democratic Party is an objective aimed at by all the components belonging to the same group. However, those who should sit around a table and discuss represent the parties currently in cahoots, that is, the group of dissidents in the city council and the Federation.
In this case, the three representatives of the local institutions who broke away from the democratic fold in the civic assembly, Francesco Graziadio, Aldo Trecroci And Gianfranco Tinto and the provincial secretary, Vittorio Pecoraro. The subject of the dispute is the feared expulsion of the council triad from the party. Possibility now being examined by the Guarantee Commission chaired by the former mayor, Salvatore Perugini, ready to comment on the matter by return post. The specter of the red card began to manifest itself the day after the establishment of a new political entity within the assembly, the result of a reasoning developed by the dissidents, who then gave life to an autonomous outpost called “Democracy and Participation ”, as their requests regarding openness to dialogue would have always fallen on deaf ears, which was rarely found – according to Trecroci, Graziadio and Tinto – even during the recent takeover in the Piazza 15 Marzo assembly.