Scilla, an old building collapses in the center: tragedy almost comes close


By John

Tragedy almost occurred in the historic center of Scilla. An old building collapsed. The house was located in Via Umberto I third vico. The small building had been uninhabited for years and had been reduced to ruins.
The collapse occurred around midday, causing great fear among residents. The carabinieri from the Scilla station, the firefighters, the local police officers and a technician from the Municipality arrived on site. The area was cordoned off to prevent access. Residents were asked to leave their homes to facilitate the clearing of the rubble. Fortunately, no one was passing through the alley at the time of the collapse, but the collapse of the structure caused damage to some homes located in front of the ruin. A house a few meters away was damaged by large debris. The newly built house reported damage to the shutters, the balcony and the entrance door, fortunately the resident family was away from home. A public lighting pole was also torn down.

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