Cosenza, beats his wife and mistreats his children and minors. The woman reports it and the approach ban is triggered


By John

The state police carried out an order for the application of a personal precautionary measure ban on approaching a 50-year-old man responsible for mistreatment of his wife and his minor children.

The provision comes at the conclusion of a rapid and intense investigative activity coordinated by the local Public Prosecutor's Office and launched following a complaint/complaint filed by the offended party last March 30, collected by the policemen of the UPGSP – Complaints Office.

The policemen, specialized in dealing with crimes against people belonging to the so-called category. weaker groups, from the detailed information acquired from the woman, were able to draw a complete picture of her daily life in which various episodes of mistreatment and authentic suffering also experienced by her minor children emerged, towards whom he appeared to be a father-master.

The result of this behavior was to instill in all passive subjects a persistent and serious state of anxiety and fear, as well as a well-founded fear for the physical safety of each individual member of the family unit.

The investigative activity allowed the investigation already acquired on the suspect to be identified and enriched with further episodes. The investigation activity, initiated by the Flying Squad personnel and coordinated by the Public Prosecutor of Cosenza, found its epilogue in the execution of the precautionary measure, and confirms the commitment, particular attention and sensitivity of the men of the Police Headquarters , directed by the police commissioner Giuseppe Cannizzaro, and the Judicial Authority, in dealing with careful and timely intervention, the phenomenon of gender violence and the protection of the so-called vulnerable groups.

The man will not be able to approach the places frequented by the offended party and their children, maintaining a distance of no less than 500 metres, and must also refrain from contacting the woman by any means. Furthermore, constant monitoring of compliance with the ban has been arranged through the activation and use of the electronic bracelet.

All this is communicated in compliance with the rights of the suspect (to be considered presumed innocent in consideration of the current phase of the proceedings until a definitive finding of guilt with an irrevocable sentence) in order to guarantee the right to freedom of the press.