Cosenza, breaks his wife’s nose with a punch: precautionary measure ordered


By John

The State Police carried out a precautionary measure order of removal from the family home and a ban on approaching the offended party against a 44-year-old man, responsible for the crime of mistreatment towards his wife.

The provision comes at the conclusion of a rapid and intense investigative activity coordinated by the local Public Prosecutor’s Office and launched by the Flying Squad following the complaint/complaint filed by the woman at the beginning of the month.

In this circumstance, the victim told the police about several episodes in which she was forced to suffer mistreatment by her husband, which began in 2015, a time in which the relationship between the two began to falter for these reasons too. Physical abuse (on one occasion the woman even ended up in hospital due to a fractured nasal bone due to a punch thrown to her face), but also psychological violence perpetrated by the man through insults and death threats, regardless of even the presence of minor children, often involuntary spectators of those very ugly scenes. The harassment continues and has now become part of everyday life which the woman has been forced to suffer for years and which, to “safeguard her family”, she has avoided reporting.

The investigation activity, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Cosenza directed by Chief Prosecutor Mario Spagnuolo, found its epilogue yesterday afternoon with the execution of the precautionary measure.
The man, who has been notified of the provision, will have to leave the family home and will not be able to approach the offended party or the places frequented by them at a distance of less than 500 meters, with the application of the electronic bracelet. Furthermore, he is prohibited from any form of communication, by any means, with the offended party.